Tråd: Guard play (tekniktråd)




Sv: Guard play (tekniktråd)

The Butterfly Guard is also called the Sitting Guard (a term used for several different styles of guard) and/or Hooks Guard. Regardless of terminology, it is a very dynamic position with many powerful sweeping options. Submissions from Butterfly Guard are not very common, but some practitioners use the Butterfly Guard to set up leglocks, which are available if you can get a leg between your opponent’s legs. Also, because your legs are not locked in place, it allows smooth and fluid transitions to other positions, such as the X Guard and Half Guard.
You can’t really ‘hang out’ in the Butterfly Guard – you need to be sitting up and actively working to off balance them and threatening them with grips, sweeps, and submissions,. Gaining the upper hand in Butterfly Guard closely resembles clinch-fighting, as both torsos are facing each other at approximately the same height.  One should generally NOT lie flat on one’s back (as shown in the third picture), although there are a few practitioners who can make that position work for them.Butterfly Guard has been used successfully in MMA, but mostly with the exponent using two tight underhooks or a bearhug because these arm positions prevent an opponent from getting the space to strike effectively.